What Are You Married To?

The Marriage Agreement

A marriage is an agreement in which a man and woman decides to join as one.  The two have been connected and know life with one another is their desire.  Their unification is an agreement to understand the ways of each, cope with them as they grow, and to grow.  Together they progress and do not stay stagnant.  Stillness makes the union stale, dull, and not as looked forward to.  Over a period, some actions of the marriage stay the same, but so much of it evolves.

Just One

You may look at yourself and say you are as single as the digit 1 placed by itself.  You may not have the desire to marry, and you may not be looking.  In your mind, “Me, Myself, and I” is your perfect plan.  That is until you look again at your life and realize you are not as solitary as you think.  You are married to your ways, habits, and a mentality.

Healthy Marriage Mix

A marriage by design is healthy, trustworthy, and not volatile.  The two parties depend on the other for everything, including uplifting.  After years of marriage, you begin to take the likeness of your spouse.  You like what he likes, think like he does, and act the same way inconspicuously.  Do your habits, ways, and mentality aid you?  Do your company of characteristics help you to be more than what or who you are?  If they do not complement, they control and diminish you.

See Your What

What, and not who are you married to is the title of this post.  You can easily look at the person and dissect all the wrongs you see, yet you chose to attach to.  Your characteristics are not a person; however, because of their strength they are still an attachment to you.  When linked to them extensively you will not realize how unbalanced and unadvanced your life is.  Before you are quick to divorce from a person, get a dissolution from what keeps you from being truly you.




– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Mr. Watkins 3.0 the Global One

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