A Prayer and a Bullet!

The same focus

A prayer and a bullet are two seemingly incomparable objects or ways of life.  A prayer has one use, and a bullet has a totally different.  That is not implying that a prayer cannot be said simultaneously when a bullet is in use.  It can.  Hunters will chime in on this one.  Shooting competitors and those target practicing will also weigh in.  They may very well pray when they shoot too.  Firing enthusiasts may not be the same.

Strictly on their way

What makes the two similar is that they both require concentration.  They both are erected from a gun and a mind which are two powerful sources.  With that concentration, there is a fixed focus on where each is to go.  A prayer goes up, and a bullet goes in whatever direction the barrel is pointing or the scope sighted.  Neither can be retracted when they go out.  That too makes the two similar.  There is not turning back and redirecting, neither is there a chance to change the course of either midstream.  The best hope is that you thought before you ejected.

Use caution

Our words and requests are beyond mighty!  We many times forget who the manufacturer of our lives is.  Those words and requests we give to God have a divine purpose; therefore, our prayers should not be careless or thoughtless.  Our prayers should mean exactly what we want.  The caliber determines the might of the bullet.  Like the bullet that goes to reach its target, our prayers are the same.  God hears them and will hold us accountable for those words we thought were so innocent.  There are good people currently imprisoned who innocently fired a gun, but they have to pay the consequences.  More reason to be cautious and think before we shoot up prayers.  We can’t get them back.



– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Mr. Watkins 3.0 the Global One

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