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A smile is more than an expression.  It is more than just the look on the face of.  It is more than a prop for taking pictures.  A smile is more than a definition of the person wearing it for a smile is a symbol.  A smile shows gratitude.  It shows enjoyment.  It is a demonstration of a moment.

How is it defined?

A smile is the conclusion of a rush of jitters and exhilaration.  A smile speaks.  Furthermore, a smile is also a mask.  Truthfully speaking, it is one of the largest displays of deception.  It gets you to see the external disguise instead of the internal demise.  Items are hid in safes and safe deposit boxes.  Many hide items in closets.  Some hide from the law and responsibilities.  Many of us hide from God’s calling.  Of all the places to hide, the most widespread is the hiding behind a smile.  For behind the smile are unhealed scars, hurts being overcome, ill and burned feelings, disgusts, tears, fears, trepidation, hesitancy, disbelief, gasps, wishes to do over, the uncomfortableness of envy, and disappointments.  None of these we think about when we see a smile, but many of them are there.


Never take a person’s smile for granted.  They may be using it as a cover to cover the actualities in their broken lives.  What happens is they inadvertently become experts in the act over time without knowing it.  They effortlessly hide their smile not realizing the effort of suppression they put into doing.  If their smile makes your day, tell them.  In saying you may be making theirs.  Your words could be the refreshing vitamins their weaker minds and spirits need.  Today would be the ideal day to have a coming out party.

– The Life Teacher and Author, Mr. Watkins 3.0 

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