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Antonio J. Watkins - The Life Teacher - Born to Build

I was born to build unbelievers in themselves into knowers of themselves; by teaching what I have struggled with the most, coping with life. Having lived a life beyond low self-esteem of no self-esteem, I now specifically aim to live a life of inspiring others.

Encouraging them to be who they were born to be. I have a focus and an intent to empower people of the world. Educating them on how to see and progress through life as an achiever. Low self-esteem was once my diet. No confidence was my meal. Now I live a fully stimulated life aimed at feeding others.

Light Bulb Moments

I love people and have a heart for them. My heart stretches to invigorate them to see life through the lens they did not know existed or have ignored. As a master teacher, I thrive off teaching the listening ear and seeing the results of the work unfold.

I believe every person has the right to be exceptional. I believe every person should live freely. I believe every person should not short their potential, and will push to get them to recognize it.

I love knowing I can be, and being that one to speak words into them to create a much-needed spark. I am “the difference” so I know I can be their difference. I live to see that "light bulb" moment when someone realizes, I am somebody! I can!


The A+ Addiction

Being an avid speaker is only a part of who I am. I thank God for the wisdom He has given me and I impart it fruitfully. I am also author, having published my first book, The A+ Addiction! A guideline of consistently seeing life from a positive aspect and seeing oneself the same. I believe to be the best me in life I have to continually evolve. This book is an example. Living by it is obvious. Whereas I once practiced the art of suppression, I now live the life of expression. No longer do I hide the supremeness placed in me but release it.

Humble Beginnings

I understand humble beginnings from growing up without and hold on to those values deeply. What I admire about me most today is what I once despised yesteryear, being different. I have grown to accept not being like the rest is what has made me uniquely gifted to be who I am, to be what I am, and to do what I do as only I can.

I trust myself exclusively in knowing I am taking the right steps to live a vibrant life each day that displays positivity and uplifts the next. I am grateful for the ability to see greatness in others, and to propel them to obtain goals they did not know they had the ability to. What I radiate is contagious for the one willing to put in and not

Watkins World

Personally, I love being outside, cooking and grilling, working out, sitting in front of water, and relaxing before a fire. If there is one way I want to be remembered it is, as the guy that through Christ worked to bridge differences among people, even those differences they fight within themselves. I live by this thought, People are my Passion. Teaching them is my Commission! Welcome to Watkins World!

The Life Teacher – Mr. Watkins 3.0

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