The accused​

It only takes an accusation to change someone’s life.  There does not have to be immediate proof, only hearsay.  The effects of the rumor are astronomical.  Then they loom heavy, even when  they are only an accusation.  To face an accusation would mean fighting to disprove it to clear your name, or spending a lifetime with the shadow of what you supposedly were hanging over your head.  Either way there is suffering involved.  An accusation is all about believability.  The party making the claim has to be more compelling, and proportionately more cunning than the accused.  How the accusation is presented, specifically has strong bearing on whether it is believed.  Just as much is for the reputation of the accuser.

Is it you?

What if you were accused of being a loser?  Think about how you would feel if you were accused of never making an impact in your life?  What if you were accused of wandering through life without care of how you would be viewed from day to day, and as a result forever?  Similarly, what if you were accused of striving for little and not the abundance you should?  What if you were accused of wasting each day, hour, minute, and second that you could have been stamping your name on the world?  What if you were accused of having all of the qualities it took, yet you never prospered or helped others to realize how they could?

The damage

A temporary allegation can leave a permanent smear.  That allegation can become your name, your model, your diet, your life’s GPS, your history.  You do not have to place loser on your name badge, business card, postal mail, deed, or driver’s license.  If you refuse to, on the contrary somebody else will.  You have the faculties and opportunities to create your own name.  Accuse yourself of doing.

– The Life Teacher and Author, Mr. Watkins 3.0

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