The shift

Life happens and we shift accordingly to it.  Catastrophes come about and in many cases we break down, shift, and upheave our peace.  We look at the “big change” we now have to make and can suddenly become discouraged.  But why?  The reason is, we focus on what we did not anticipate instead of making an adjustment.  Life is going to happen, true enough.  Much of it will not be ideal to our liking either.  Yet we have to know all we have to do is adjust.

You do it anyway

Adjustments are made daily.  Somehow you fail to recognize from the moment you rise until laying to rest.  Deciding one outfit is better than another in the morning is an adjustment.  Changing what you want to eat is an adjustment.  Having to stop and get gas before driving further is an adjustment.  Changing lanes while driving is an adjustment.  Walking to one room then going to another is an adjustment.  Listening to a different radio station is an adjustment.  Not parking in the usual parking spot is an adjustment.  Pausing the email you were typing to answer the phone is an adjustment.  Talking with someone who walked in while you are working is an adjustment.  Seeing the elevator is not working brings about an adjustment.  Recognizing a favorite product is sold out incorporates an adjustment.  Running late stimulates an adjustment.

Life is still to be lived

The key is to realize how easily you make adjustments unconsciously and constantly; therefore, when you miss your flight, or did not get promoted, or he or she decides to leave you, or you missed that sale, or you had a flat, you always have to make an adjustment and continue living.  When life presents what you did not anticipate, refuse to get agitated.  Instead, make the adjustments to keep from being aggravated.  If you have not yet gotten there, make the adjustment.  When you do, you can live life so much more peaceably.


– The Life Teacher, Mr. Watkins 3.0

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