What a rush

Adrenaline is a work of beauty that sometimes appears during the ugliest but intense moments.  Adrenaline is a rush of temporary energy that causes a person to feel superhuman without being a superhero.  Oftentimes when this majestic flow is running through you, your mind is in a completely different state than the ordinary, and it doesn’t know it.  During the rush, your thinking is so elevated you do not recognize your normal abilities and the caps you have placed on your doings before.  You are set on go and perform.


Adrenaline is not planned but is greatly appreciated when it intervenes.  It creates a person who was unseen before and unrecognizable to even the carrier.  Adrenaline is like another person that has entered and overtaken you.  It suits up like a surgeon preparing to operate, gets ready like a carpenter grabbing his tool belt, and gets going like a laptop booted up.  Adrenaline consumes automatically when the need arises with a jolt like jumper cables connected to a battery.  When it connects, it goes to work.  That is all it knows.  Anything that takes over your body can be scary, for control is something you love to hold the key to.  When you are overtaken beyond your choice you feel little and helpless.  This raging source can cause you to feel enormous and powerful.  How appreciated it is.

Take the shot

You may not welcome a shot from a nurse.  You may not welcome antibiotics prescribed by a doctor.  Shucks, you may not welcome a new food you are to eat to make deviations to your body.  Each of these you know will present some type of change in you that you may want to resist.  Refusing is part of being a person, especially with what you do not get to choose.  You do not get to choose adrenaline, but when it is generous enough to visit, welcome him and use him up before he exits.


– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Mr. Watkins 3.0 the Global One

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