Alarm Clocks!

Do you need one?!?

Many wake without them, but many more make use of alarm clocks.  Alarm clocks are critical pieces in the start of a day.   They are then useful throughout as they help to keep many on schedule.  Nonetheless, understand alarm clocks do not hold the power over your thoughts and the direction of your day, but their usage is respected and appreciated.

Do you have it or have to be asked?

Alarm clocks have enthusiasm.  They are always ready to perform their respected job.  They do not have to be asked or begged.  Alarms perform, for they only need to be tasked.  They do not disappoint for their sole purpose is to do what they were made to, and that is to perform.  They act out as they should.  And they perform without any reward or knowledge of the impression they are making.

Do you relate?

You are a person.  You are not equipment who was put together by man’s hand made of multiple parts.  Recognize you are not a product of an assembly line, a box, a shipment, a price tag, or a scanner.  You are a meticulously-crafted creation of God.  Even still, how do you relate to an alarm clock?  Do you have similarities at all?  Are you raging with enthusiasm to do?  Do you believe in putting out the most you have in you until you are silenced? 

Do you take the challenge to?

Clearly, you can be more amped about life and what you can produce in it than by a piece of equipment.  Sadly to say however, too many are not.  There are many dreamers who proclaim to thrive, but are nothing more than timers.  Timers time out then have to wait to be reset.  What you have to ensure is that you do not fall into the do-less-than category.  To shake life and cause it to shift in your favor, you have to be willing, be ready, and to be about doing at all times; going like a stopwatch.  Days off lead to days off, and those days do not always get rebounded from too well.


– The Life Teacher and Author, Mr. Watkins 3.0

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