Don’t Be ALARMed!


What alarms you? I mean, what shocks or stuns you? What throws you off and causes you to have to stop, think, reflect, and maybe start again? There is always something we want or have planned, and we do not look for our wants or plans to alter. That is the reason we took time the to think and plan. We may get thrown in a tizzy if our wants or plans alter, before we can get back on track. Nevertheless, we know the importance of getting back on.

The One Percent

The mornings are prime opportunities where we have a dependency of what we want or plan. For those who need them, we experience that need by the setting of our alarms. Even still, there is always that one percent chance that our alarm will not sound in the morning. We hope it doesn’t happen, but if so, we rush to do everything we normally would in a shorter time frame to begin the day’s activities. We are a little disappointed, but we know fussing at our phones, watches or actual clocks will lead to nothing. Neither will ever know how we feel, our anger will not move them, but it will move us…slower. Then, we are that much further behind.

One more day

For tomorrow, we will have the same dependency on our alarms. We will get over what happened or did not happen this morning as we trust them to do their jobs. We set them so we know what they should do and when. Think about this, of all we were born into this world to do and haven’t, God hasn’t disbanded from on us. He hasn’t fussed at us, and He hasn’t stopped giving us opportunities after opportunities to complete. Despite yesterday’s miscues, He hasn’t barred us from seeing today to get something done. When every part of life doesn’t go your way, there is no need to be alarmedwhen you are given the chance and you lose the will to get it back where it should be, then be alarmed.



– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Mr. Watkins 3.0 the Global One

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