How apps relate to the human

Apps vs. Human – the similarity

For a phone not to be human it has human capabilities. They almost have moods and personalities as a human. Obviously, phones are smart, and they can be programmed to operate on command. They are good at reminding us of what we need to do as well as reminding us of what they need in order to do. Phones need care. The more care they receive, quite naturally the better they will perform. Phones are ready to be retired after a certain lifespan and they definitely let this be known. Even with all the services a phone has provided, we still want them to give more. That is not likely though.

Ask the apps for the human need

Phones are filled with apps that increase their advances, uniqueness and smartness. There is not a whole lot we can want or need and there is not an app suitable. From shopping to reading to health to entertainment to directions to scheduling to notations to exchanging money to connecting to education to controlling other devices to news and weather, apps have us covered. All they need are the desired settings and they go to work. Knowing what they need to do and responding makes them similar to humans.

 Wise choices

When mulling over the correlation between phones and apps, they need each other. Apps are like the activities in our lives. Whatever we are committed or attached to, we do. Much like phones, too many apps open at one time causes the host to move slower and eventually shut down. There is nothing wrong with being involved. Neither is there is anything wrong with putting time, energy and attention into reaching a goal or goals. Further, there is nothing wrong with doing out of kindness. Yet with all the doing, there must be a firm use of the word “no” when needed. We owe it to ourselves to refresh to perform. A phone has enough capacity to slow or shut down when doing too much. How can a phone made by humans be wiser than the human? It is wise to slow down, shut down and shut off.


– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Mr. Watkins 3.0

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