Rarely is a seesaw balanced.  A seesaw, when sitting still or in use has one end up and one end down.  This shows that weight will shift it regardless of the state it is in.  This is an important notation if you choose to hop on one.  Either you will be at the bottom on the ground, or you will have to pull it to your stepping level to get on it, and then go to the ground if there isn’t weight on the other side.

The Downside of seesaw life

How often have you heard, or you have said, “Life is filled with ups and downs.”  This type of statement becomes your mantra and way to live.  The question is, do you look more forward to the ups or the downs?  Downs are plentiful.  They do not have to receive a welcome or an invite.  They appear and make their presence felt.  Often you may feel as if there is nothing you can do about them at all.  Don’t exhaust your efforts trying to fight what doesn’t fear you.  The downs are resilient, extremely bold, and don’t scare easily.  Just go through them.

 The Upside of seesaw life

And then there are moments of reward and to breathe that make it all worth the while.  On a seesaw, the same board that suddenly drops will eventually rise.  It can only sit idle for so long.  That rise may be swift, or it may be a bit slower.  Nonetheless, this is why you cannot afford to allow the moments of not rising to consume and drive you.  In a matter of time, and with the right amount of weighted work, the motion can or will change.  Do not forget, life is not meant to stay at a balance.  The balance can cause a comfort that can absorb.  Therefore, take the plunges as they come.  The truest way to relish in the upside is after living in the downside.


– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Worldwide Watkins

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