Battery and alternator

Battery buddy

​Clearly, a battery and an alternator are two totally different parts.  A battery serves one function and an alternator one different.  These two parts look differently. The two have different costs. They both require tools to install. They both connect but neither can function without the other.  Most importantly, they need each other and need to operate at full strength for both to perform their respective roles.

Disagreed parts

What if the battery and alternator had a disagreement and decided they did not want to work together?  And for whatever reason?  Imagine you being ready to go, hopping into your vehicle, attempting to start it, and your attempt was just that, only an attempt.  You can assess that the problem is not you sitting in the car. A lack of fuel or other fluids is not the issue and neither is it the many other components set to work. You conclude the issue is the two parts that agreed to not work together to get started for you to go.

Can’t alternate the alternator

You may think you are unlike a vehicle and cannot possibly relate but think again, you can. You can relate because you have two coordinating components, willpower and creativity.  Like the battery and alternator they are different but they need each other to bring the best out of each. That best makes you an almost untamed beast.  You have a mind with ideas.  Just like the other parts of a vehicle, what can they do without your willpower and your creativity working as a cohesive unit?

Connect your two

Digest the fact that whatever is meant to work together is nothing when one chooses to work independently.  Then think about yourself when you have an appetite.  A lot takes place from your mind, hands, tongue, and teeth to stomach.  If one complains and goes on strike you may be hungry.  If you have (and you should) an appetite for better in life, align your willpower and creativity to bring the most from and out of you.  A vehicle that sits goes nowhere.  A life that refuses to utilize these two elements will go nowhere either.


– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Worldwide Watkins

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