Tomorrow is coming

It takes a lot of courage to believe in someone’s dreams when they are in the blueprint stages.  The blueprint is a diagram of what it is to come.  Not everyone will understand it is not the finished product yet.  To the critic, the less driven, the unbeliever in dreams, or the jerk who chooses to be for the heck of it, it is just a drawing.  It is just an outline.  It is not an indication of what the dreamer will do and who he will be.  Those who view the print from what it is today without having the foresight to see how it will unfold, will have hesitancy thinking the blueprint is worth much of anything.  That is their prerogative; let them be.  Learn to be okay with it too regardless of how much backing you expect from them.

The current secret

Not if, but when someone trusts you to share their most intimate thoughts of their life with you, that should not be taken for granted.  What they present is not laughable.  It is deep to them.  What they feel for what they are presenting to you is an unearthly and inhuman-like feeling that they have to bring into real life.  They approach you because they believe you will support them no matter how outlandish their blueprint is.  There will be enough to spit on the design for their life, and you should not be another or the first.  You are, “supposed to” be the one who understand that dreams take time, take work, and take resilience.

The take off

Too many dreamers are overlooked by those who are still asleep in their own lives.  They do not realize they could do more than what they do or realize it but are comfortable.  These have every reason to believe in the dreamer but will not.  Yeah, they have more and hold more prominent positions where they are.  Yeah, they have received more accolades and financial success, but they do not have the guts to go out and create as the dreamer.  They hold on to their security.  And yeah, they have too much pride they refuse to relinquish by lending a helping hand or wishing the dreamer well.  That is until the dreamer does well.

The ending marvel

I want to encourage every dreamer, every believer, every entrepreneur in your infinite stages to hold tight to what you believe.  Refuse to doubt the big world God plans to create in you, through you, and for you.  Yes, it is going to hurt when you feel certain people should believe you, believe in you, support you, and rave about you like they have done others.  Doing for you is the least they can do, yet they withhold from it.  You may choose to show them up, but you do not have to be driven to show them.  They will see in time, and they will recall when they could have but chose not to!


– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Mr. Watkins 3.0 the Global One

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