Boardroom vs. Break Room


What is with the boardroom and break room?  The answer is quite simple.  When we do not feel like it, it is convenient for someone else to talk about us.  When we prefer to be humble, it is suitable for someone else to talk about us.  At the time of receiving an award, when someone else talks about us their speaking is appreciated. As much as we may recline when being spoken of or gloat in it, there are times when what another person says does not or will not matter.  As much as someone else can talk, we have to speak on ourselves.  Only we can tell the real truth about who we are, what we are, how we are, and what we are to do.  Only we can determine if we are doing what we are supposed to.  Hence the title, boardroom versus break room.

Boardroom or break room?

There are places that have both, a boardroom, and a break room.  Do know not every establishment has a boardroom, but there may be more places with a break room than a boardroom.  What is the key difference in both?  Easily, the difference is the people and what is taking place in each.  The activities do not compare.  There is a different physical setup though break rooms are more elaborate now.  The relevance in the conversations in the two rooms is unmatched.  The meaning for joining in the two does not closely compare.  In one there is play and spending money.  In the other there is preparation that will always talk about money, how to get it, and how to spend it.  So, ask yourself when you look at your life, are you in a boardroom, or are you in a break room?  What is your situation?

Assess your daily doings

In a boardroom the mood is more serious, more structured, more geared towards growth and development, and assessing.  However, in a break room is free time; it is laidback time.  It is not having to be 100% responsible time which leads to less productivity.  When you look at your life, your future, and what God has given you, are your currently in a boardroom or a break room?  You cannot lunge and lounge at the same time.  Breaks are important in making improvements, but they should not become the most engaged part of your life.


– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Mr. Watkins 3.0 the Global One

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