Brake and Accelerator

Spinning in place

There is a clear distinction between the brake of your vehicle and the accelerator. The distinction is further clear as to their functions as only one is used at a time to go.  How often do you ride pressing both?  Not idling pressing both, but riding?  I wouldn’t think that is done a lot.  Then, how often do you hold the brake when you have some place to go?  You will break as you need to, but the accelerator gets the primary usage.  They are labeled and shaped differently for a reason.

Braking or breaking out

In traffic or construction, you may use your brakes more than when on the open road.  The hassle requires less going or diminutive going.  In your life, if you realize you are braking more than breaking free, check your surroundings.  Pinpoint what or who you need to break away from so you can punch the accelerator of your aspirations.  In high-braking areas, you want to get out and ride the open lanes freely; even set your cruise if you choose.  Get away from who or what hinders you from constructing your life and advancing.

Let’s accelerate

You cannot decide who are what is in your way driving your vehicle.  All you can do is control how you ride alongside them until you get around.  You cannot control the speed of others as you ride.  It may be annoying to you if they are going to slow, but you cannot force them into escalation.  Driving your vehicle teaches you about life.  What others do is what they do.  Do you in the way that advances you well beyond your current place.  You cannot determine another’s position in your life, but you can determine who or what will not interfere while steering yours.


– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Mr. Watkins 3.0 the Global One

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