Brake Lights and Taillights

Night light

At night, or as seen on vehicles with daytime running lights, the taillights are automatically glowing.  Once the brakes are engaged, their light shines simultaneously, but a little brighter than the taillights.  The obvious distinction is needed so the difference can be made between the two.  The brake light cannot simply mimic the tail; it has to be more.  Both illuminations are the same color, their bulbs are virtually the same size, and both are in the same location.  Yet one has a purpose to shine brighter, and as it is purposed to do, it does.

The choice of a light

In life, we choose whether to be a brake light or a taillight.  True, we live on the same planet with everyone else.  Yes, we face crossroad decisions in life just as they do every day.  The difference is we have a right to shine a little bit more when we know what God has given us.  When we know this, we confidently flow in what He gave us as we are purposed to, and all will see the work we do.  The irony is, we must shine with the intensity of the brake light but have the longevity of the taillight.  We consistently beam and show a glory of living life on the top.

Shining light

So, the question to ask of yourself is, where is my brake light intensity with taillight persistence?  Do I beam?  Am I longstanding?  Is my work and effectiveness recognizable?  In the dark am I as visible?  In a vehicle, others see your brake and taillights but not you.  Being the owner/drive you are required by law to ensure they are properly working.  In your life, it is your requirement to ensure you shine and give the world something to see.  What they should see is the goodness of you and the gifts equipped in you.

Now remember, brake lights indicate stoppage, but don’t let that be you.  You are going to pause.  You need to pause, but illuminating is what you were born to do.



– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Mr. Watkins 3.0 the Global One

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