The Monster

Can’t is one of the easiest words to add to your vocabulary, yet one of the hardest to separate from.  When you prescribe to the word “can’t” you invite a monster into your bedroom at night when you are already afraid of the dark.  Can’t knows this about you and will therefore terrorize you just for the heck of it.  The goal of can’t is to keep you weakened and dependent upon using him and making him part of everything you do.  Can’t doesn’t just want to be a partner for some of your life, but all of it.

Are you a puppet?

Can’t actually wants to control your life.  It resembles pride in that too much of him will destroy you.  Like any hindrance, you will get almost too far gone before you realize how damaging this has been to you.  It has crippled your thoughts and stunted your doings.  Then your life is just how he wanted it.

A hunter

As much as you care to use the word can’t, it has no care for you in return.  This factor has downed the strongest and suffocated the greatest swimmer through life.  Somewhere along their journey they convinced themselves that can was overrated, took too much effort, took too much time, or was not possible anymore.  Therefore, they abandoned the can in them for the alternative.  But not you!

Eviction time

You have lived long enough as a roommate to, spouse to, child to, employee of, and running partner to the factor of can’t.  He has dominated you long enough, and if left unchecked, will gladly continue.  You must decide that his time is up in your life and can has to either be brought back into it, or introduced to you.  Can takes more out of you, but it definitely leaves you in a better position than his nemesis.  You may struggle with acknowledging, but you can do and achieve anything your eyes see, your ears hear of, and your mind thinks!  Go Get It!!


– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Mr. Watkins 3.0 the Global One

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