Carousel Life

The amusement

A carousel is an interesting and amusing ride of entertainment.  Carousels are definitely catchy and popular amongst adults and children alike.  They are catchy and popular.  It is not uncommon to see them among other amusement rides or sitting alone as the sole source of delight.  They have that kind of draw.  Carousels are unique.  One, a few or more can ride with the enjoyment being shared amongst many.

Pretty but no progress

Carousels are beautiful, have dazzling lights, pretty horses or other animals, with music playing as they spin.  That’s all good until you stop to think about 1) a carousel is a stationary ride and 2) that ride should never represent your life.  If it has, now is when you make change.  You may have loads of fun riding one, you may have a few or all of your companions with you, but the motion is the same. Whether sped up or spinning slowly, you will always return to where you were and never progress.  They are called Merry Go Rounds but your life won’t be too merry if it is rotating in rounds. Fun doesn’t necessarily equate to fortune.  Too much in the wrong direction will cause you to miss it, and to keep spinning into misfortune.

Spent but never went

You can spend money continuously riding a carousel and never go further. You spin out and you spend out.  The danger of attaching to the ride is it is imitation movement.  It is not a ride that can take you from one location to the next.  This is why your life should be representative of more than a popular ride.  If not, you, those closest to you, and even strangers who become attached to you go round and not rise.  Your life deserves more flare than pretty lights, pretty rides, but an ugly ending when you have gone nowhere.  Be amused by what you can accomplish, what you will see, and by how many you will take with you.



– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Mr. Watkins 3.0 the Global One

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