Cocaine vs. Meth

 What’s the difference?

Cocaine and meth are two drugs that are very different, but also have similarities.  For instance, the effects of cocaine and meth are similar, but the origins are vastly different.  Ingestion can be the same.  You may wonder how you can gain from reading about two drugs, but you can.  Though the two are drugs, one is the preferred over the other depending on the user.

The power of understanding

In your life, you must understand, everybody is not for you.  Not all crowds will cheer you on, and not audiences will applaud you.  Every person, body, or arena is not your assignment.  You live at peace with knowing they are not meant to support you.  Energy is wasted when you try to force what will not fit, and this can include relationships and your desire to fit in or to be accepted.  Prepare for the not.

The beauty of getting it

When you digest the notion of not you will not get discouraged over who will not encourage you.  You will not get uptight at who does not like and share your post, but they do the junk others post.  Learning this means a pat on the back is not what you need anyway, for the turning of the back brought far more of a superior lesson.  You didn’t just learn them, you learned about you.  You learned to pay more attention to what you ignored and blatantly rejected before.

And when you do?

You must not get confused as to who you are.  What you are should be evident too.  To them, you may not be their dope, but you are the anecdote!  For the little they think of themselves, you can show them the difference.  For the opportunities they feel they lost and let get away, you can show them how to capitalize.  In the anguish of the mistakes they let doom them, you can show them how they drive you.  When you focus on them more than your empower, your progression, and your evolution, you lose potency you have as either meth or cocaine.  This is why you remember you are the anecdote.  Find what is for you and you will float in the life for you.


– The Life Teacher, Mr. Watkins 3.0

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