Battle time

Competition brings out the best, and in some cases the worst of. When in competition, there is a rush of adrenaline that drives the competitor to do what it takes to upend the rest. For some that is done at all costs. Feelings are not considered, relationships are not considered, the perception of is not considered, and neither are the long-term effects. Winning is the only thought.

Why do people spark competition?

Competitors compete for different reasons. Those can be for internal or external purposes. They could range from the satisfaction of trying, being better than the next, the reward, the commitment, trailblazing and creating new history, retribution, to regain what was lost, the ego to prove to self, or for the benefit of charity. Which applies is dependent upon the person for the way the act is seen can vary.

 The direction

If you are one who likes to compete, digest this, as thrilling as it is to compete against someone else, another being should not be your target. Instead, you should be your target. You should be who you want to one up. You should compete with the man or woman who used to give up on himself. Compete with the you that never saw good when looking in the mirror. You should rival the person who ridiculed others who were helpless and stayed to themselves. Contend with you who thought success was for everyone except you. You should be in contest with the negative-minded part of you that dominated your life for so long.

Who should be your choice of competition?

Instead of searching for others to oppose, look at yourself and see how much of a fight you have to put up to not be who you once were. You tussle already with your issues, especially your former, but now is when you execute to execute. Put forth the actions to end your former activity, former thinking, and former nonproductive ways.


– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Mr. Watkins 3.0

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