Sexy you!

Has anyone ever called you sexy?  Did you expect it?  When it was said, what did it do to you?  Along with that, was it someone you saw and admired, or previously admired?  Was it someone you did not mind giving the same compliment to?  You may not have said it to them, but you would not have minded.  Maybe fear overtook you.  Maybe your tongue got tied.  Or maybe you were so struck by their sex appeal that the words were there and then they were not.  They tried but would not release.


Compliments do a lot for a person.  On one end they can help to build self-esteem, and on the other they can feed the ego.  A good compliment can give a jolt to the feelings, especially from someone you may find attractive.  Even if not attractive to you, their stature shakes you when they take time to praise you.  You may not have an eye to pursue them, but you recognize their aurora and radiation.  Not that you are in pursuit of everyone who speaks kindly to you, but that one gets your attention.

What is sexy to you?

You have to know what being sexy means to you until you take a compliment.  Is it the look?  Is it the pizzaz?  Maybe it is the dress.  Then it could be the fitting of the clothing being worn or the walk with it.  Is it the way a person carries himself?  Does the cologne, perfume, or body spray do it for you?  Does the hair, its style, and the way it is worn give you an inviting feeling?  If not the hair, the eyes or the voice pull you in.  Is it the appearance of confidence and being somebody?  Boldness has a way of turning heads and fixating eyes.

Mirror moment

Of the few to the many ways you would describe someone as being sexy, which apply to you?  Which description(s) define you when you see you?  You can’t look at where you feel you are flawed and judge yourself as not being sexy.  That person you would like to think is so entrancing has probably felt the same way, but you cannot tell.  That person did what you need to, which is to get intentional about and infatuated with you.  Uncover for the ways you are loveable and start outpouring compliments to you.  In time, unveil other ways without berating you.  Your own mouth and your own mirror are enough for you to know you are something fierce.  Just as someone can call you sexy and you melt, you should shiver when you say it to you.



– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Mr. Watkins 3.0 the Global One

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