Trapped. The comfortable place

Every one of us has a place we become trapped; meaning there is somewhere, someone, or something that consumes us. In that place that traps we are different from any other. While in this place we can be laid back, not judged, rest from the normal hustle and bustle of going, and we can take in and enjoy the moment we have. Notice I did not say moments, because this is where we only want to have minimal focus and not primal. We may not get to this place as much as we’d like but satiate ourselves in them when we do. These places are traps because they suck us in.

What does it mean to be trapped?

Generally, the word trap may imply being taken by force, or with some form of trickery. That may be true, but it is useful to look at both sides of every coin so to speak and make positive. A positive trap is one that takes us away and captures our minds and bodies. A positive trap is a getaway from the routine normalities of life. Whether we set out for them in activities such as rock climbing, hunting, fishing, camping, kayaking, reading, cooking, or exercising, we are not bound but in a place of leisure. Sitting quietly reading is another, or at a coffee shop with a serene ambience. Enjoying water or a fireplace and admiring how something that does not have blood and feelings moves so liberally. These are the serene places we flock to for being trapped such as another person’s arms for love, care and protection.

Do you have traps?

One of my personal favorites and most frequents is my recliner. With going strong and doing, when I sit in it, that’s a wrap – I’m out. I may not intend to sit long or to be soaked into it, but if I am not careful and swift I will. That doesn’t make it a bad place, for the recliner may have a purpose I do not see. Maybe when I sit, it knows I need a breather and helps me out without having a mouth to say a word. What takes you away? What is your place or places? If you do not have any, get them if you plan to be productive and to have longevity. Recesses are needed.


– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Mr. Watkins 3.0

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