Is there worth?

A movie has to have content or you will not watch it.  Music has to have content worth you listening to, or you will not bother.  A book has to have content, or you will not set aside the time to reading it.  The ingredients of a recipe have to be of the right content for the meal to turn out pleasantly.  Conversation has to have meaningful content or your attention would be wasted engaging in it.

What do you require of you?

Every aspect of life has a requirement; an expectation from the receiver, the buyer, or the partaker.  When you think of your life, what do you think?  What is the context of your speech?  Know, what do you project?  Then know, what is the content of your life?  Now ask, and you can do so silently, is either worth paying attention to?

What are you doing?

You cannot force anyone to listen to or follow you when you are wondering what you are made of as they are.  People place faith in those who demonstrate the faith they are longing for.  Your life may not be all you want, but you should know to grow, so what you want will show.

The weight from your wait

Think about music.  There are songs that may have been hot, or may not have been a hit when released.  However, years after, they are used in movies, commercials, and sampled in other songs.  Whereas they were once okay or not relevant, they eventually became weighty.  Where is your weight from your wait?  What is it you display, or will vow to display that will be worth an audience that you may not have today?

Huge-little, or little-huge?

Computers, TVs, and phones were once large and gave little content.  Now, they are smaller and give a much larger bang.  Picture how are you viewed?  Nobody wants worthless.  Or, at least no one who wants the abundance of life does.  Who should want worthless?  Where is the merit in it?  If you cannot find an answer, that means you should not want little, little to nothing, or to be worthless.  What you say and how you live should be packed with content.


– The Life Teacher and Author, Mr. Watkins 3.0

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