Dance Floor

Dance floor

The dance floor is the place for the dancers and the not. Those who dance well can showcase what they do, while those who are less savvy can still move in their own way. Either way it goes, both expresses himself well. To the looking eye, the critic, the non-dancer can look out of place and oblivious to the fact that he isn’t a dancer. That is certainly their choice to have that intake and perception. What that eye miss seeing is the fact that person is free and not torn apart by judgement. What a way to live!

The clouded eyes

Judgmental eyes are so full of their own clouded vision that they cannot see the truth before them. Sadly, they cannot think well enough to realize it either which means their minds are obscured too. The highly judgmental cannot see people who live their lives the way they want to are exactly how they should be. They should be free. To the rest of us it is obvious they are not because they make other people’s lives their business and mission. So, to them, everyone unlike them is wrong. The reality is the rest are more right than them.

Dance around critics

In this world, some live life constrained by other people’s rules and expectations, while others choose not. I pray you are among the band that chooses not to. You only harm yourself while you empower them. That does not make those who do not conform to everybody’s standards wrong or any less. What it means is they are unbothered by the mouths of those who do not feed theirs. You should adopt that same disposition. There will always be those who criticize. Let them do so as long as you don’t become crippled by their criticizing.



– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Mr. Watkins 3.0 the Global One

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