What is it about dancing?

Dancing is an art.  It is a form of relief, bonding, competition, teaching, learning, intimacy, worship, and of course entertainment.  Dancing burns energy.  It is a source of cardio and exercise.  To know how to dance is a gift and the movement can change the dynamics of any atmosphere.  Even with the worst song, the right dance moves can dress it up as better than what it is.

Dancing or staying put?

For those who struggle with dancing, they stay put, keep away from the dancefloor, and admire those doing it.  Well, some admire while others look down or away.  When asked or nudged to dance, they may make a statement such as, “I have two left feet!”  This saying implies their coordination is off.  To save face they would rather be invisible instead of attempting to dance.  It also means leave them alone, as sitting is better than the embarrassment that can ensue from being off.  And this is quite understandable, considering no one wants to feel the sting of embarrassment when they can avoid it.

Dancing with who?

Life will present moments when we may struggle with doing what we see is customarily done.  It is not that we have to do what everyone else is doing.  But we can be out of place without exerting any efforts surrounded by those who are.  In the midst of dancers, dancing is expected.  While in the midst of singers, singing is customary.  In the midst of thinkers, thinking has to be applied.  And in the midst of big dreamers, ambition has to kick it up notches and reign.

What kind of feet?

The point is, who you choose to be around is a strong determinant of what you will do.  If not, you will sit while the rest all do something unless they all sit and do nothing.  Surround yourself with encouragers and those skilled and you will be the same.  Physically, possessing two left feet may not be realistic; however, having two feet that do not move towards advancing life is.



– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Mr. Watkins 3.0 the Global One

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