Who is DeAnn?

DeAnn Dent is one of those rare individuals ever created.  She is smart, fun, funny, loving, willing to teach, considerate, and always looking to do something for someone else.  DeAnn is a woman who loves God, loves her family, and loves people.  She has a heart for those she meets regardless of who they are or what it is about them.  She in return is due just as much care, love, and recognition as she gives and has given.

Why is DeAnn exceptional to me?

Years ago, I met Deann as a student looking for my way.  She was one those who I met, drew to, and was later under her teaching and tutelage.  Being with and around her was a growing and life-changing pleasure.  Our relationship began and has lasted for 20 years.  Because of her initials, she became D-Squared.

Connected two

While at a conference on April 1, 2022, Deann and I connected as we always do, and I afterwards wrote this.  You posted the picture at the conference Friday, but I need to express more of my appreciation to you.  Years ago, you taught me, mentored me, influenced me greatly, gave me the opportunity for a career, and led me.  All the while, you cared.  You still do now, and I am beyond grateful.  I can give you major kudos for then, but more for what you do now.

A.N.D. – And no Doubt

What makes you unique is that in the role I am in now, you get it.  You get me.  You understand what I am, what I have, and you have learned from me.  The role reversal is honestly a little indifferent for me, but who you are also helps me to be me and do what I do.  It takes a humble heart to do what you do.  Not just anyone will take on the role to learn from one they previously taught.  Not just anyone would do so without feeling learning is beneath them.  And not just anyone would show their appreciation as you have.  You are truly rare.

Public thanks

I publicly want to thank you for all of your influence, teaching, encouragement, and for financially supporting me in my journey.  You rock and I love you dearly!


– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Mr. Watkins 3.0 the Global One

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