One Decision to the Next Decisions

Who caused the decisions?

You can master making decisions only to realize life has outwit you.  Life pulled a fast one on you out of the blue.  Based on your consciousness of decisions, this one came at unawares and shocked you.  What a bummer!  There are certain scenarios that will happen in your life and you will feel as if you did not make the right choice.  That is not the case though.  Here is a fact.  There are some places you will be in that chose you and not you them.   You were divinely guided to them and you could not change it, even with your meticulous planning and cautious thinking.

The decision realization

Once you realize this, you expect the outcomes of your life to be easier or to not hit so hard.  Nonetheless, these are those that seem to nearly demolish you if they do not destroy you.  You feel underprepared and overpowered from their effect.  They at least put a dent in your willingness to keep pushing with all you’ve got.  What seems strange is how they give you a jolt then slow you down.  Not to mention how they disturb your peace.  Because they are so profound, they seem to be what will break you when perhaps saw yourself as unbreakable.

Which decision works for you?

Though you feel outwit in your decision(s), you were getting primed.  Defeat was not the purpose.  You were not getting primed to be prime bait or an accelerant.  You were getting primed to see if you would make the most viable decision to keep going.  That one decision alone is the first and most critical as a response to the jolt and continuing the future journey.  To stay on course when you’ve got valid reasons before you to not is a decision.  Regaining your composure and momentum is a decision too.  And just like them, not doing anything else and regretting it, is ultimately a decision.  Which one will be your choice?



– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Mr. Watkins 3.0 the Global One

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