Deep Freezer

Frozen thought of the freezer

A deep freezer is that one appliance that does not garner as much conversation as others.  Surely, a stove, a refrigerator, a washer and dryer, a vacuum cleaner, and a microwave are important.  Aside of them, air fryers, toasters, waffle makers, mixers, smokeless indoor grills, deep fryers, and crock pots rule.  Consequently irons, coffee makers and blenders make strong daily statements. They should not to be treated as meniscal, neither should they be forgotten.  Rarely spoken about or raved on is the deep freezer with all of its value.

The uncommon appliance

A deep freezer is unique in that it is a time piece.  A freezer keeps.  It is not one-use.  Neither is it a quick-use appliance.  It may not be popular every day in terms of use, but you cannot help but notice it.  More importantly, you cannot overlook what it does.  There isn’t another appliance that cares for its contents quite like a freezer does.  It cares, houses, and stores for a period of time to maintain foods and to keep them fresh.  How strange is it that something like this gets little airplay and attention?

Are you a freezer?

Is your life relatable to a freezer?  In your mind are you on hold, still, or stuck?  Does it feel as if you have nowhere to go, or you cannot?  Are you heavily disapproved or neglected and you are blessed with the best substance God has ever given?  A variety of foods are generally in a freezer.  When needed, some are picked, then pulled to be consumed, while others are left until later.  Can you relate to the until later?  You see gifts put to good use. but what about yours?  You may feel as if you have been in the state you are in long enough?  Regardless of how you feel, stay deep in your holding and keep getting better.  Get full of flavor.  Then release you in heaps.


– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Mr. Watkins 3.0 the Global One

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