The work

Going to college and achieving a degree is one of the highest accomplishments a person can have.  With a degree you know you persevered through classes, studying, assignments, homework, having instructors you did not agree with, balancing family, work, and an educational life is humongous.  It should not be overlooked.  Regardless of what level your degree is, do not to view it as small.  From an associate, to baccalaureate, to masters, to specialist, to doctoral, to professional degrees, they all took work and persistence.  And in that work and persistence, everyone has a different story of how they overcame are completed.

What do you want..rather, what do you need?

As good as a degree is it should not be the only achievement to push for.  You should push to be knowledgeable in the field of God.  Yes, degrees are available.  No, He does not mind if you get those.  But He does mind if you give the degree all the credit when it was His strength and His will that empowered you to gain it.  Therefore, with whatever career you land, or any success you attain, never neglect to give God the credit for it because He is bigger than the education and the triumph.  Your grounding in Him will far surpass and outlast it.

How far will you go?

On another note, for those of you who have not achieved the education you once sought, you are still okay.  Be yet encouraged as you can get back to it.  Also for those of you who feel slighted because you do not have the formal education you desire, you are still okay too.  God is building a people who do not have the copious amounts of education as others, as He is exploding their gifts and talents to be as successful or more.  Never allow yourself to feel as if your life is done or less meaningful without a degree.  He is doing this to not only show He is more significant, but what He ordains is far more superior than any man’s textbook and credentials.  Don’t let a lack of education debunk your drive to go far and high.


– The Life Teacher, Mr. Watkins 3.0

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