Let’s go!

As a child, when you knew you were going somewhere it brought a state of anxiousness and unrest.  Unfortunately you had to, but you felt as if you could not wait.  You wanted to get there so badly that you saw where you were going even when you did not know what it looked like.  You knew the glamour you wanted it to be so you imagined it just that way.  Nobody could tell you what it really would be like because you held your own unshakable viewpoint.  Why not now?  Why not see you in that destined place as before, and being guided by that destined light?  Your will to see has to realize the concept is similar.  You have never seen yourself “there,” but you should already have a depiction of what it looks like and what you look like in it.

Destiny or devastation?

You destroy your destiny because you don’t know the wall to get to it can be penetrated.  You see it as a wall and not as the passage; not a passage, but the passage.  It is the only way for you to be you.  The Berlin Wall was brought down in parts by human hands.  It stood for years but it came down.  Why did it come down?  Because a decision was made that it was time to end the divide.  Regardless of the reasoning for it, a decision had to be made.  There is a wall of calamity around you as we speak, but guess what?  You have to decide it comes down today.  There is procrastination and hesitancy around you now, but guess what?  It comes down now.  It comes down and stays down.  Why rebuild it?

What is your talk doing?

You either talk your destiny into being or talk it into prolonging.  The ladies can understand this.  On a day when looking her best and a guy approached her; she may have had a slight interest in him but none major.  The more he talked the less engaged she was in him.  On the other hand, a gentleman could have approached and she had the same slight interest, and the more he talked, the more interested she became.  So what was the difference?  The substance spoken.  The substance enhanced interest or tanked it.

Make it yours…

S.S. & S. – See it, Say it, and Solidify it!  See it with your eyes in your mind, say it in your speech, and solidify it with your steps.  There has to be movement!

– The Life Teacher and Author, Mr. Watkins 3.0

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