Don’t Miss-Take the Mistake

It didn’t do you that bad

Don’t miss take the mistake for the blessing it is on the other side of it.  In that supposed mistake, you learned a lot of what not to do more so than what to.  You have become wiser and with enough misfires more intellectually gifted in decision-making.  Take a moment to reflect on what you gained and juxtapose it to what you feel you loss.

What is your focus?

It is not the mess up that traps you.  It is the focus and zoning in on it that puts you in ruins.  The mess up happened, okay.  It could not be retracted if you could go back into your past.  What can happen is quitting the pursuit to put effort into it, quitting the act of packing it for your lunch every day, quitting the need to stuff it in your suitcase when you travel, and quitting the need to make it a part of your DNA.  When you focus on the mess up, you miss up!  The focus (turns) into an anvil that constantly sinks and keeps you tethered to one place.  Your movement becomes nothing but your thoughts of it.

You can’t soar if you do…

Wallowing in the focus of the mess up is like knotting kite string and expecting the kite to fly.  It is grounded.  It may look good in its low place, but the beauty of it will not be viewed from the low place.  There is power in saying “I did it!”  Even in your wrong that powers tangles with and can overtake you.  Now that you have done it, chart a path to get beyond it, even if it nags at you from time to time.

Just stop

Stop procrastinating on refusing to make the decision to own it and go on.  Stop holding your decisions and intuitiveness hostage.  And stop holding an apology to then well-wishes to yourself.



– The Life Teacher and Author, Mr. Watkins 3.0

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