Who/What is behind your door?

It Must Be Scary

Small children are afraid to open a door such as a closet when it is dark. Some would prefer their bedroom door to stay open too. What might be behind the closed door is nothing desirable or to play with. They haven’t looked to know for sure, but they “think” what is there will scare them and/or harm them. It is not nice. It is gooey and terrible. The mystery is bigger and waaaay more stronger! At least it has to be.

Did you outgrow it?

Many grownups are the same way. We grow to think in the same trepidatious way if our thoughts are not channeled differently. As adults who have been through enough life (especially the unsatisfactory), we are afraid to progress towards what is behind the door because we cannot see it. How do we know it will harm us? We do not. How do we know it is not good for us? We do not. How do we know it is not a part of God’s plan? Again, we do not. But because we think, which is more dangerous than knowing, we stay in the bed under the covers where we have not shown an ounce of faith and resilience.

Face the door

This is why so few of us actually get what we want in life and are abundantly blessed. We are tucked in, hiding, afraid, and forcing sleep instead of getting up and facing what is behind the door. Our ideal action is to dodge the risk but we are playing it too safe. Safety has a place, but in ambitious areas safety does not lead to overflow but underflow. Or it leads to no flow at all, and you can safely know this.

Be daring

Life is about being daring just as you were as a kid wanting something out of reach. If you were not stopped you either got what you sought, tired yourself trying, or got irritated trying. However it ended, you tried. Then you tried again. Daring can be frightening but it is necessary and the act of it has to be overcome. To vastly advance takes a series of the uncomfortable you do not want to get to the comfortable you do.

Behind the door

The greatest part of your life is behind that door called fear, hesitation, uncertainty, fifth-guessing, or weakness. As much as you are holding back, your destiny which is behind the door is screaming, “Open Me! Open Me!” Your future believes in and is calling you. It is bigger than your today and it wants you to live in and experience it. But are you too afraid? I dare you to be!



– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Mr. Watkins 3.0 the Global One

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