Empty Mailbox


There are days when you go to check your mailbox, and nothing is in it. There are days when you greatly appreciate this too. On others, you may have been expecting a package or a letter. Or, you may have just figured something of importance would be there other than circulars you may glance at. When the box is empty, you simply go back inside and check it the next day without getting uptight. You know your box has a purpose to receive and keep your mail, so you expect it on another day.


There are days when you feel as if you are as empty as your mailbox with no mail. In your mind, you feel as if you are standing idle, in the elements, with nothing great happening to you. You feel beyond drained and as if you haven’t had anything worthwhile in you in weeks or months. You had good intentions, had great expectations, yet nothing happened as you anticipated. Not to mention the amount of planning you put into you before the work and still. With all you have done, you feel you are standing empty in the open with nothing to show for it.

Don’t look down on you

Just because you feel hollow and forgotten, you are not. You still have plenty of life to explore the next day and the rest you are blessed to see. On the days you feel empty and without, I dare you to know you are still D.A.M.N. G.O.O.D.! You are still Dynamic, Amazing, Magnificent, Notable, Glamorous, Ongoing, Optimum, and Delightful. Nothing can change that. If your box gets nothing, deposit into you. You need what you give you more than what the mail carrier or anyone else will leave for you.



– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Mr. Watkins 3.0 the Global One

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