Dis COURAGE ment/tnemEGARUOCne


Your dwelling is an intimate place only a selective body of people enters, or should.  You guard it with courage for you know to be cautious about who comes in and the energy they develop or deplete.  They will only do one so not everyone is welcome.  Only those who have the disposition to help you laugh, cope, think, or continue on a particular path are.  Strangers are not your typical company unless you do not recognize who or what they are.

Dis courage ment

DisCOURAGEment is a home-seeking drifter looking for a place to park.  This is a displaced one who does not deserve your attention, your gifting, your time, or your care.  You cannot have a heart for to help him.  This one can knock on your door and you have to let him knock.  He can call your phone saying let me in, but you have to block him.  He can try to sneak in as an attachment to someone you do not mind entering your habitat.  Still, you have to turn them both away. Feelings cannot matter.

Captured Courage

DisCOURAGEment has proven to be relentless and adamant about coming for and capturing you.  You should not run from him if your strength is from God.  You should instead treat him like any other adversary and stand up to him.  Refuse his admittance, push him out of your way, walk on him, and don’t reach back to lend a hand.  Do what you should quickly to dismiss him and do not entertain him long.  The attention you choose to give will only cause him to think he can get in if he keeps pressing.  Don’t make him the truth and you the lie.

Just the opposite

Life is comprised of opposites.  There is up/down, good/bad, day/night, front/back, strong/weak, filled/empty, on/off, mean/nice etc..  In these areas and more you see the inverse, so opt for the same with disCOURAGEment.  See the other side of him and choose enCOURAGEment.  Make her a major part of your life.  Do not only let enCOURAGEment into your dwelling, but take her everywhere you go and share her.  She has the ability to multiply and she does not mind being exploited, advertised and passed along.  In fact, the more you distribute her, the stronger and more widespread she becomes.  She is a contagion that needs to infect.


Get the COURAGE to face disCOURAGEment with the COURAGE you gain from giving enCOURAGEment.  EnCOURAGEment can seem distant and not for you when your housemate has been her opposite and your opponent for so long.  Nonetheless, she will empower you more and more once she becomes your chosen.  Will she be?



– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Mr. Watkins 3.0 the Global One

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