Who or what did what?

Every aspect of life is  based upon the use of equipment.  The right equipment can get any job done whether it is one in the house or outside of it.  With a delightful meal, how easy is it to boast about how good of a stove or oven did the cooking?  The hands that did the preparing can be overlooked.  On a strikingly manicured  lawn, the mower, the trimmer, and the edger can be credited.  The hands and the eyes coordinating can be disregarded.  A styled hair could be attributed to what was in the hands and not the skills of the stylist.  A beautifully crafted building can be ascribed to every piece of equipment used, and not the builder or builders who meticulously took the time to construct it.

Where lies the credit?

Here is the point about credit.  The spotlight is sometimes removed from the source and the credit goes to the resources.  Not that those resources have not played a tremendous and viable role, but they still needed more than themselves.  Unless it is in the movies, equipment doesn’t operate on its own volition.  There has to be hands to operate, even if the hands are pushing a button.  Equipment doesn’t have a mind of its own.

How does truth work for you?

The truth is not always recognizable.  It is harder to see when we have to see it in ourselves.  We will dance around it and ignore it before we accept and cradle it.  Here is a truth about you.  Your willpower is your equipment.  Your willpower is what will keep you going when you have thousands of reasons to say “I am done!”  “There are no further reasons to try!”  “What’s the point anyway!”  “Somebody else can do it instead of me!”  “This is too hard!”  “This isn’t the direction I wanted to go anyway!”  “Forget it!”  “Maybe later!”  These are just a few of the paralyzing phrases that rule our minds and govern our actions.  They become all too familiar with and not distanced from.  When you recognize the supremacy and functionality of your willpower, you will know you are equipped with most powerful tool a person can have.



– The Life Teacher, Mr. Watkins 3.0

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