You Say Everyone Is Your Enemy?

Learn them

Everyone is not your enemy.  Not all who you think wants to replace you.  Everybody is not jockeying for position against you.  Not everyone watches what you do while learning how to subtly borrow from you and never pay you back or give you respect.  Everyone is not publicly praising and pushing you yet secretly preparing a pit and praying you don’t see the pitfall.  Not everyone is trying to get the upper hand on you due to your gifts and skillset.

There is good in “them”

In life, it is worth learning that there are some who strictly want you to succeed.  This band of individuals may or may not be who you expect, but appreciate them anyway.  They are not in it for the control of you.  These are they who are not in it only to say you did it because of them.  They are not in it to force you out of it to make room for themselves.  Neither are they are not in it to bring you any harm.  These are in it because they genuinely want you to be among, if not the greatest.

Their eyes help to open yours

If you really want success and to have a team who genuinely has your back, stop knocking those who want you to believe in you in the highest fashion. In fact, take notes from them because many times they believe in you before you do and/or more than you do.  Paranoia can erode purpose and bury your pursuit, so see them for what they are.  They are your support, your positive voice in the negative, and your reason to know there is still decency among people.  What you have to do is see yourself as they do and garner more belief in you.  Their belief in you can only go so far; from their lips.  In your mind is where you have to know it.  In your mind is where you reach milestones.



– The Life Teacher, Mr. Watkins 3.0

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