Cheerleaders and fans bring energy

Sports fans enjoy the game and the atmosphere that surrounds it. True fans will spend the money it takes, stand in the elements, and will make the loudest noise possible to keep their teams uplifted. Not much can stop a fan from being what a genuine fan is. To complement what a fan does, cheerleaders are it. Cheerleaders are tireless individuals who have just as much energy or more as the fans who watch them and the athletes they are rooting for. They are truly heroic in what they do.

Cheerleaders are the hidden headlines

What makes cheerleaders so distinctive is how they rarely get raved about, as they are seen but are not necessarily recognized. This doesn’t stop them from performing though. They have a job to do and regardless of recognition or applause they do it. One may wonder why. Why put so much effort from start to finish, when those they are cheering for are losing, if no one is paying attention, and to do it with that much consistent exuberance? The answer is simple. Cheerleaders know what they are supposed to do and they are not situational in doing it. It is not about the headlines.

Fans in any condition

Cheerleaders have a steady mind state just like the fans who attend in any condition, or the athletes who play in any condition. They are conditioned but are not conditional. If they keep doing what they do and on the level they do it, they will get what is due to them in return. Recognition, rewarded and noticed they will get; however, none of these will happen if they put their focus on reactions and not end-result actions.

Input sows the seeds

Each person has a right, and opportunity to be a cheerleader. There is someone doing something significant, and they need encouragement. Even if they are doing what you want to do still lift them. If they are doing what you are currently doing and doing it bigger and better, support them still. Understand every kind act you do for them directly or indirectly is a seed you put into the ground for your own success. Never discount the power of input. The next will put into you the very input you put into someone else for them to be successful; what you do is an investment. You don’t have to feel as if you are missing your chance, or they will climb higher. The higher you help them to climb, the higher God will obligate others to see you do the same. Be gleeful and not gloomy!


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