Fiction Observation

What’s to believe?​

We have an issue with believing the value of people based on fiction that is not close to being fact.  Yes, our own eyes can be mistaken since we create the fiction. For not so obvious reasons, we develop premonitions of others based on characteristics that are not exactly equal to ours.  Unfairly, we want others to be us. Not only that, we will use our characteristics to form opinions of them and we dare anyone to tell us otherwise.  We know what we want to believe.

How accurate are we?

Typically, when we think someone is one way, they are not. We form judgment from a distance and not from an up-close experience.  It does not matter how good our eyesight is, the type eye surgery we have for correction, the brand of glasses we wear, or the contacts we wear, our vision can only see so far.  And when we try to see someone for who they are from a distance, our eyes will lie to us.  That distance is not learning them.

Hence the lying…

When our eyes lie, our mind will lie.  And when our mind lies, our heart will lie.  Then we will develop ill feelings towards someone and they do not deserve it.  As a human, we are subject to lie to get what we want.  We have done it since we were a child.  Many of us have perfected the lying craft well into adulthood; reason why we misconstrue people.  If we would lie to get what we want, we will also lie to believe what we want.  Lying becomes the natural.

Learn and not lie

Firsthand observations tell the truth.  They are not dishonest.  If we are too afraid to approach and learn someone, we should be just as fearful and ashamed to speak of them unworthily.  It could easily be done to us.


– The Life Teacher and Author, Mr. Watkins 3.0

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