Important prints

We are all familiar with fingerprints and their importance.  Individually we are both identified and set apart by our prints.  Though the patterns on our hands look the same, a microscopic analysis will show how different they are.  Fingerprints in an essence are our signature, much like the one we put on paper with a pen.  Some can forge, but no one can sign our names quite like we can.  And no one can leave a fingerprint like we can either.  DNA does not flow into fingerprints.

The importance of footprints

Heavy emphasis has, and will always be placed on our fingerprints.  What is equally important are our footprints primarily.  They are just as unique and tied to us as those of our fingers.  Our feet are mostly covered whereas our hands are not.  Therefore, they may lack realization of significance or induce conversation.  Yet they are identifiable to only us as well.  Many people wear similar shoe sizes as us, and can place their feet in our shoes.  They cannot be us if uncovered.

Leave plenty of prints

All of us were born to leave footprints and not shoeprints.  This may seem crazy because we wear shoes or some type of foot covering the majority of the time.  However, just as fingerprints show work, so do the tracks of our feet.  The tracks we leave may not be physical at all.  We may leave tracks of inspiration, education, fruitfulness, giving, cheerleading, or getting out of the way.  Others are consistency, love, thoughtfulness, and leading.  Many of the listing you may not look at as being prints, but they are.  Neither are hidden from your eye’s view; you merely have not identified them as such.  Uncover the prints God meant for you to leave on and in this world.  Your footprints are related to your voice in that, the work you do will travel further than where you stand.



– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Mr. Watkins 3.0 the Global One

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