Just Go!

Fire is magical.  Fire starts easily in some cases, yet in others it takes work before it fully starts.  However swift or lengthy the ignition time, when it goes, it goes.  Fire is remarkable to look at due to the various colors it changes as it burns.  Furthermore, it is an obvious source of heat.  Whether heating the body, heating or cooking food, it serves its purpose.

That’s the right attitude

What to be admired the most about fire is its attitude.  It hungers and is unquenchable.  When it starts to burn, as long as it has oxygen to carry it or objects to burn, it will burn even when you try to extinguish it.  That is attitude!  To fire, that is do what I want attitude.  That is I’ve got reason to attitude.  That is you dare not attempt to stop me attitude unless I want you to.  And if I don’t; give it up.

Can’t get enough?

Fire is insatiable.  It has one primary objective and that is to consume.  It will consume the accelerant that started it and any other object it comes into contact with.  Fire is the truth because it will reach for objects close to it and consume them too.  That is why it can be dangerous.  It can get what you do not want it to get, but it is just doing its job.

The job to be done

Fire is dependable, but what about you?  Fire thirsts for more, but what about you?  You were put on this Earth to reign, period!  Don’t let a reaction outdo you for to reign is your objective.  Your objective should not change because an object, a person, a circumstance, or a not so pleasant time has gotten in your way.  All of those are more the reasons to crank up your attitude and burn baby burn!


– The Life Teacher and Author, Mr. Watkins 3.0

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