Emerging, Not Embattled

What makes us embattled in life?

Problems, issues, setbacks, hardships, knockdowns and letdowns, are not figments of the imagination.  They are fixtures in life that cannot be bargained with, postponed, pleaded to leave, swapped out, or dodged.  They are coming in the path we travel without the privilege of a detour.  Like it or not, they serve a purpose in our route.  Because of their purpose they cannot be rerouted.  We later realize how much we appreciate them for not.

Not intimidated

Any of the above listed can be intimidating.  Any can cause us to sway in our decisions to go forward with whatever it is we want to do.  We look at the situations and lose hope that we actually can.  Can, what?  Uhh, can conquer.  Can overcome.  Mmm, can be magnificent.  Can get through this time.  The truth is, can should be an automatic thought.  You can!

Emerging every day in life!

Everyday life is practice for everyday life.  Going/getting through is what you do without a second thought.  Have you ever read a book, or a chapter?  Have you sat through a TV program?  Do you brush your teeth?  Do you see how football players go from one end zone to the opposite?  Have you listened to a song until the end?  Similarly, are you okay with stopping your washer before it finished?  Do you ever get in a vehicle with a destination in mind to get there, then retracted?  Has completing a project appealed to you and you, did it?

One more get-through

Each day you get through something.  Multiple times, you get through something.  Getting through is common which in effect, is more than you notate it.  Whatever you are facing now is the equivalent of every instant you have seen something to the end.  Don’t beguile yourself into thinking you cannot this time.  This time is just another time.  Transfer the belief that everything has a completion into what you are.  Belief is belief.  Belief is not attached to a particular segment or area of life so belief wants to be taken for what it is.  If you keep your eyes engaged on the end you will see that you will emerge.  You excused quit a long time ago.



– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Mr. Watkins 3.0 the Global One

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