Flies atop the list of the most aggravating insects; really the most aggravating anything. Don’t you agree? Because they fly as well as crawl, they get to places quicker and easier than others. That also includes people. Without some repellent or aroma, they make it their business to get in your food, house and in your face. That list can go on too. Flies are bold and unapologetic. They go where they want to and when they want to. What admirable courage!

Bold vs afraid

Think about your life. Where is it you should be bold enough to go but you are afraid? How is it you are so afraid? What is going to prompt you to go because you know you should? Even if you have to crawl or take a big risk while doing, are you willing? Only you can answer. What is it you are supposed to be doing but you act as if you need permission to? The fact that you are living is your permission. Why would you feel as if you need it from someone else?

Sweet vs not

As much as you despise flies, are they living a fuller life than you? Think about it. Are they actually happy with their short-lived lives and not sobbing and stalling? Are they constantly saying what they cannot and why they can’t? They way they get into everything, I will have to say they are not. Unless they are repelled, they are going in hard and fast for what has attracted them. Something should be attracting and pulling at you. The only repellent that can stop you, is you. What makes a fly so daring but you so hesitant? Flies like what is both pleasant and detestable. You on the other hand, seek the pleasant. Is the pleasant you seek not as appealing as the unpleasant flies seek? What you continue to do will be your answer.



– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Mr. Watkins 3.0 the Global One

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