A Bully

The Bully

A bully is a threat to the innocent and the insecure. The bully seeks or senses a supposed weakness and capitalize on it with their size and voice. A bully seeks power over one who is seen as weaker than, and not capable of challenging him. His threat is not him but an implication of who he wants to be. Notice I said a bully is a threat. A threat is just that, words or gestures that do not signify action. A bully will use his presence, his voice, and his applauding audience to look bigger than and more intimidating.

The bully image

Life is huge, don’t get me wrong. Because of its presences, it can “look” like a bully. I did not say be a bully, but it can look like one. Life can look so much bigger, and much more intimidating than you because you have perceived yourself to be smaller. You are not so learn to see you for the created you. Your lack of confidence has caused you to not see you as supreme. Not knowing who you are has too. You have not looked at your life as a gift to you. In turn, you are a gift to life, but you struggle with knowing it.

The gift you are

When gifts are given, they are well-thought of beforehand. They are specific to you and your taste. Yet in all your getting, you have never received a gift that is more important than you. Even though you live in life you are greater than it. That’s right, you are! You are definitely more important to the God who created you to live in it. When you know this, you know life cannot dominate you. You were created for it, and not it for you.



– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Mr. Watkins 3.0 the Global One

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