Hand Sanitizer

 High Demand

In the last year more than ever, anybody who wasn’t a fan of using hand sanitizer has become one. The need for it skyrocketed in a year, so did the demand, and so did the purchasing of it that made it hard to find. Since its invention in 1966, hand sanitizer has slowly integrated its way to become a common item for some. From home to industrial usage the need for it has increased. There are big jugs of it down to economical desk sizes down to pocket size containers that can be fastened to key chains or fit in pockets. Whatever the need, there is a way to have it for use.

What cannot be seen

Hand sanitizer is convenient and a quick way to clean. And with its claim to kill 99.99% of germs, it is feasible. The product can be trusted. The mystique of sanitizer is that you cannot see what it does, but you know it is done. You know your hands are clean by sheer virtue of the smell after lathering and taste if you dared touched your tongue with your finger, hopefully by accident. Though its work cannot be seen, it is believable. Does this sound familiar or what?

 The power of trust

God chooses to work in and through us. Oftentimes we neglect to see what He is doing because it does not look like we want it to look or feel like we would prefer. What is happening is like the taste of sanitizer that we may not agree with or crave. Because it is not our favorite there are areas of our lives where we will swear He is inactive and a fluke and not real, but not so. It is in these times where He is working like that alcohol and gel we put so much belief in. The key is the trust. Just as we trust a substance, He is more than worthy to be trusted. His work speaks volumes, and His results will always show.


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