Mosquito or Man?


There are people you know who could be mosquitoes and not human. This group are much like mosquitoes are and less like a reasonable man. They will take as much of your business, money, attention, time, and sanity as you allow them to. They can see you eventually depleting yet give it little thought. Their goal and their high is to get from or out of you. When they have drained you, they move on to the next to victimize. This cycle repeats because they refuse to be responsible, be rational, and to be respectful of anyone other than themselves.

The selfish. The mosquito

Mosquitoes are peculiar insects. What makes them so distinctive is that they take what you need in your life to continue theirs. They feed from the very source you and I depend on, blood. Of course, they never think about how odd it is that they can harm us to live, but we should. In similar token, we have to be just as conscientious about people. The selfish will take everything from us and every part of us to enhance their lives. What they do is not based on need, but based on want, power, and opportunity. The three qualities are their bloodline that drives them.

Oh No! 

You cannot allow the pests of people to cause you to feel guilty about pulling back. Don’t let your care become your corpse. Caring is human and caring has its place, but it has to cease before it leads to a hefty cost. Withdrawing from those who drain you is healthy for and helpful to you. Don’t lose sight of that. Instead, give them a dose of repellent. Repellent for human mosquitoes is denying their wants. It is showing you are not weak and desperate for what they offer. Lastly, it is giving them minimal to no attention, not responding to them, or by making yourself completely unavailable. Just as you choose repellent in the store, choose which is best to protect you.




– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Mr. Watkins 3.0 the Global One

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