Do you really know you hurt?

The danger of hurt is that you can live in it so long and deeply that you become numb to it. You feel it, you know you do, but you are so used to it that you ignore it while hoping and praying for better. Because of it, you feel so sunken that the sunkenness becomes your refuge, your motions, and literally the compass of your life. You refuse to see more, for you would rather hold on to what has you bound than to separate from it. This is a toxic life to live. You have allowed the hurt to control you and determine what is best for you when it is openly the worst.

What is the reason?

Hurt has both permanent and temporary assignments in your life. Please know this and know which. There are some pains you will always have to reappear in your mind every so often or frequently. They serve as reminders and reinforcers and are supposed to. As much as you want to forget them or shut them out, you will not. Whether to remind or reinforce, the both are twofold in that you will be much more careful about your future (and actions in it) than you previously were. You will also learn how to steer your life when hurt hits.

What are you doing with your hurt?

So, here is the question. Are you prospering from your hurt or plummeting? Are you continually climbing or consistently crying? Once you truly embody the fact of what hurt is and that it has always been the same, you should learn to cope with it better because you can change. You can change your perception of it, and you can change how it handles you, to you handling it. Refusing to change is succumbing to a fierceness that was here before you were born, and it will continue terrorizing whoever will let it as long as the Earth has residents. You can live amongst hurt and function but hurt does not have to orchestrate your behavior.

What a teacher it is

Hurt is an inadvertent form of education; it teaches. In some ways it costs more than formal education and will stay with you just as long or longer. It is boldly nagging and careless; therefore, fight it back with laughter, optimism, determination, and moving forward with the reasons you know you should. Since hurt wants to stay with you, take it on a ride of a lifetime. Show you are still in control of you even when it tries to convince you otherwise.

– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, WorldWide Watkins

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