I Wish I Had

Vitamin words

Life happens.  As a result, you can say “I wish I had”; however, that moment has passed and will not be recreated.  What happened did and what did not, did not.  Though there was much more you desired to complete and did not, there is much you can be sure you completed.  Saying I wish will never repeat time.  Those words are vitamins for despair, destruction, and staying attached to a feeling of no growth and no potential.  The words I wish hinder you from doing what you actually need to move forward.  Words are not wishes.  Crafted thoughts that have been put into speech and vocally expressed are words.  The words you say are always feeding.  That is to say, they are either feeding your propelling, or they are feeding your procrastination.  I wish are procrastinating words.

Burying words

The more you repeat these treasured but trapping words, the less motivated you become and the less you move.  You stay in the rut you are in and dig it deeper.  As you keep speaking them, and thinking on what could have and didn’t, you begin to bury yourself.  Those trapping words are the dirt that covers you.  You begin to defeat the winner in you by holding your ambitions hostage in the cemetery of nowhere.

Hostage situation

Hostages are bound individuals held captive and will be until rescued.  They may fight with all their might to get away and it may backfire.  Quite naturally they think of escaping.  Hostages pray.  They plot.  They plan.  It is highly unlikely they will get away or get released and. they know it all the while.  Their desire is not enough.  They need help from the outside.  Well guess who is the help you need when you hold escalating thoughts (with no good means for you) hostage?  Firstly, you are!  Secondly, you are your own saving grace.   Thirdly, only you know you.  Subsequently, only you know what causes you to steer or sink.  Above all, there comes a time when you have to evolve beyond the you who you were.  That superhuman is there.  Every failure, every neglect, knock down, betrayal, and every oops moment in your life built him.



– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Mr. Watkins 3.0 the Global One

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