If Your House Had Mirrors

Is this a trick question?

To look at this title, one might think, this is nuts. One might say, of course my house has mirrors for they are a natural part of the house. For their use, there are mirrors in the bedroom, in the bathroom, perhaps in the closet, and other places where they lay around or stand for a quick self-check. Handbags and travel bags have them while the walls hold them for decoration. So, is this a question or a statement?

The construct of care

What the title does is serves as a reminder to take care of the dwelling you live in. The implications of care are beyond looking at the walls, floors, or windows. Just as you look at and over yourself dozens of times before you leave, where you live should be given the same respect. Whether it is a castle, a house, a condo, a hut, a cabin, a mobile home, an apartment, a convent, an igloo, a recreational vehicle, a bungalow, a houseboat, a cottage, or a townhouse, the key is to take care of it. Why? You may ask that when you do not understand 1) the psychological effects and 2) the spiritual effects.

About the effects

Psychologically, your environment steers your attitude. When the place you go to for resting, eating and recuperating is neat, you tend to see yourself in the same manner. You feel better about you. Even if it is not your ideal or dream place, or what you have wanted or prayed for, you feel better being. Organization helps to keep you focused. Spiritually, God always looks at how well we manage what He has allowed us to have now before He decides to allow us to have later. You never want God to look at blessing you, but He instead chooses to shelf it for a later time. He has them, He is just looking for a clean place to place them.

The conclusion

So, if your house had mirrors, would it be pleased with what it sees right now? Would it complement you on how astonishing you look every day, but refuse to look at itself? Your dwelling Is not responsible for tis wellbeing. That task is up to you.


The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Mr. Watkins 3.0

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