They said it is insanity

Do you suffer from the trait of insanity?  Are you actually insane? Have you been called insane?  In what way did you react when it was said to you?  In what ways?  Clearly, any person can have a definition of who or what they believe you are.  The bigger question than what they ask is, do you believe it?  Do you hold onto the words spoken to you, of you, or about you?  Do they move you to do well or fail?  Are you so centered on what comes from the mouths and printed from the fingers of others that you lose you?  They can always talk but you don’t have to always believe.  Truthfully, you never have to believe.

Is it insanity to you?

Einstein once said insanity is repeating the same action(s) over again and expecting the result(s) to be different.  When others see you, is that what they see?  Most importantly, is that what you see?  Do you see yourself in a rat race or on a hamster wheel?  Or, do you see yourself as persistent, and doing what you do because you know your someday results?  This is where the choice to believe whether you are insane or not plays out.  Scrutiny is as natural a part of life as breathing in and breathing out.  Being misunderstood is too.  Just because you don’t live the answers others have questions to, does not mean you are what they say.

Am I really, (that) insane?

Whenever you start living what others say of you that doesn’t match what you want of you; you are insane.  When you question your will and resilience based on talk and opinions, you are living proof of insanity.  You are pushing yourself to a state of mental madness unnecessarily.  What you should do, is look at what you do repeatedly.  Stop asking yourself am I really this, or really that.  If more of what you do will not aid in securing a blessed future, stop.  Do something different.  If what you do continually will add to you and aid you, keep doing it regardless of who believes or not.  You live to impress God and you, not those who have minuscule vision or expectations they can’t hold up.  Learn to D.A.M.N their words – Do Against Making Noteworthy!  And that is in no way insane.


– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Mr. Watkins 3.0 the Global One

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