Be Impressive, do not be to Impress!

 The will to impress

People have a natural tendency to want to impress.  It is crazy, but to impress, men will lift weights and more than they can, and women may wear clothes they know do not fit too well.  Men and women both will spend money, put up fronts, act differently, seek to talk more intelligently than they are, lie, all to get an audience to believe in what they push to project.  Some of what they do may be genuine but much more is not.  So here is the question, what are you doing to impress you and to be more?

Do they even matter?

Not if but when you take time to see how phenomenal you are, you wouldn’t put the effort into trying to be all of that to everybody else, yet lack in how you see and treat yourself.  Impressing yourself is more than just telling yourself what you can do and/or what you are good at.  Impressing yourself is being undoubtedly convinced that you are a blessing to this world and you matter.  You know you hold value and you bring value to any land your feet step on.  You add value to the air when you open your mouth for the potency of your words alters it.  What you present in words and deeds are like oxygen needed to breathe.  You are a sought commodity.

Invest to impress!

Do yourself the favor of investing into you so that you can be impressive and not seek to be impressed.  Others should be impressed by you; those whom see themselves as little, even the giants who look as if they have it all together from a distance.  When you seek to be impressed, you will go on a limb to do what you normally would not.  If you are going to do that much, why not do it where you profit and evolve from it?  You can be a feeding trough of knowledge, wisdom, mentoring, upward outlook, the look of consistency, one who overcomes, and in many more areas when you do.


– The Life Teacher, Author and Mental Fitness Coach, Worldwide Watkins

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